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What to expect on a Decker Tour…

Decker Sno-Venture tours are designed to maximize your snowmobile riding enjoyment and minimize your disappointments. Thirty plus years of doing tours make us well prepared to do it right.

To that end; we stay at the best lodging our overnight destinations have to offer, we arrange for plentiful and flavorful meals, we talk to “locals”’ snowmobile dealers and club members to find the best routes. Our day usually begins around 8:00 am with breakfast and a prompt start to our riding. An early start means that we can cover good distance without pressure. It also means that we can get in early enough to enjoy a hot shower and a cold drink before our evening meal. Most tours will be split into two groups. In this way both “speedy” and “leisurely” riders can enjoy their own riding pace, or very close to it. We use a support truck and trailer to transport your luggage and carry some back-up rental sleds. If your sled breaks we’ll pick it up and try to get it repaired. You can rent one of the sleds in the trailer if you don’t want to miss any riding. This support vehicle will transport you too, if there’s a day you cannot or do not wish to ride. Casual dress is the pre-described clothing. Your favorite new sweatshirt that tells the world what kind of sled you ride, is perfect. Swim suits too. Most tours stay at least one night in a motel with a pool and/or hot tub. Pack light; you’ll have to get all that luggage in and out of your room and into the trailer.

Bring a relaxed attitude and zest for a good, good time!! Until you’ve tried one yourself, you just can’t appreciate the excellence of a Decker Sno-Venture Tour! We do it all for you, and we do it right.







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