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Welcome to Decker Tours

Make your snowmobile trip as good as it can possibly be...Make it a Decker Tour


What to expect on a Decker Tour…

Decker Sno-Venture tours are designed to maximize your snowmobile riding enjoyment and minimize your disappointments. Thirty plus years of doing tours make us well prepared to do it right.

To that end; we stay at the best lodging our overnight destinations have to offer, we arrange for plentiful and flavorful meals, we talk to “locals”’ snowmobile dealers and club members to find the best routes. Our day usually begins around 8:00 am with breakfast and a prompt start to our riding. An early start means that we can cover good distance without pressure. It also means that we can get in early enough to enjoy a hot shower and a cold drink before our evening meal. Most tours will be split into two groups. In this way both “speedy” and “leisurely” riders can enjoy their own riding pace, or very close to it. We use a support truck and trailer to transport your luggage and carry some back-up rental sleds. If your sled breaks we’ll pick it up and try to get it repaired. You can rent one of the sleds in the trailer if you don’t want to miss any riding. This support vehicle will transport you too, if there’s a day you cannot or do not wish to ride. Casual dress is the pre-described clothing. Your favorite new sweatshirt that tells the world what kind of sled you ride, is perfect. Swim suits too. Most tours stay at least one night in a motel with a pool and/or hot tub. Pack light; you’ll have to get all that luggage in and out of your room and into the trailer.

Bring a relaxed attitude and zest for a good, good time!! Until you’ve tried one yourself, you just can’t appreciate the excellence of a Decker Sno-Venture Tour! We do it all for you, and we do it right.


Classic Copper Harbor

Classic Copper Harbor

January 28th – February 2nd

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Grand Marais Michigan

Grand Marais Michigan

February 18th – 24th

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Alaska Adventure

Alaska Adventure

March 11th – 17th

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Corporate & Private Custom Tours

Full & Half Day Rides

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions; please review this page, you will probably find the answer to your question If, after reviewing these FAQ’s and you still have a question or a request please feel free to contact us by either phone, fax, mail, or email. We will respond to your request promptly.

  1. (Q) What if I don’t want to ride everyday?
    (A) If during the day or for a complete day you choose not to ride you are welcome to ride in our support vehicle to that night’s destination.

  2. (Q) What if my sled breaks down on the tour?
    (A) You will be towed to the closest point where your guide can contact the support vehicle and make plans for a rendezvous to pick up your sled. Your sled will be transported to where we are staying that night and arrangements for repairs can be made. You also, have the option to continue riding one of our rental sleds to finish that day, or until your sled is repaired, or for the duration of the tour, the choice is yours.

  3. (Q) How fast do you typically ride?
    (A) All of the tours are always spit into groups, this is discussed at the nightly drivers meetings and you are given a choice of groups to ride with based upon your experience and riding style. This guarantee’s that you will be comfortable riding whatever pace you choose, also you can change groups at any time.

  4. (Q) How many miles per day?
    (A) Depending upon the tour – anywhere from 100 – 200 miles per day. For example: riding in the mountains, Iceland or out West you might see less than 100 miles per day because there is so much to see and areas to play in. While riding in Ontario or Michigan you can drive up to 200 or more miles per day.

  5. (Q) Can I stop and take pictures?
    (A) We encourage you to stop for picture opportunities. How this is handled is covered in depth at the nightly driver meeting.

  6. (Q) Is it possible to ride a full tour with no snowmobiling experience?
    (A) It is not only possible but has been done many times. Snowmobiles are very easy to operate and with the choices of riding groups we set up during each tour you will find it no problem to ride a full tour.

  7. (Q) If I don’t have a snowmobile or riding gear can I rent it from Decker Tours?
    (A) We can supply either sleds and or riding gear.

  8. (Q) Can I upgrade my rental sled to a better model?
    (A) On many of the tours that include sled rental, upgrades are available. To ensure an upgraded sled we need to make the arrangements well in advance of the tour date. If requesting an upgrade sled you need to contact us and make your request ASAP. We always do our best to locate the upgraded sled from one of the many outfitters we deal with.

  9. (Q) What do I need to bring on the Tour?
    (A) For clothing, besides your snowmobile gear, we suggest casual attire. Don’t forget your swimwear and your cameras. Plenty of dry socks and a pair of sneakers for after hour lounging. Other than those basics it is entirely up to you on what to bring. Just don’t over pack, as you will Need to carry your luggage to and from the support vehicle each day.

  10. (Q) How old do I have to be to go on a Decker Tour?
    (A) To ride your own sled you have to comply with local age limits and licensing (usually 13 with a safety certificate). We have had several younger children on tour with us and they have done just great. It is left in your best judgment on the child’s abilities to handle this type of activity.

  11. (Q) Can I come as a single?
    (A) Singles are welcome; however there is an additional per night cost for single accommodations. If you are willing we can try to pair you up with another single to save the added expense, the option is yours.

  12. (Q) I have a dietary problem, can I get special meals?
    (A) We will arrange meals for touring customers who require special diets for medical reasons.

  13. (Q) What time do we start riding in the morning and get in at night?
    (A) We like to get a moderately early start. Example: Breakfast at 7:00 a.m. Start riding between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. Exact departure times are always announced at the prior night’s driver’s meeting. We try to have you back into your motel between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.

  14. (Q) I have a large corporate group; do you offer package discounts and or custom tours based on itinerary?
    (A) We do not offer discounts on any of our scheduled tours. We do set up and execute many corporate and private tours based upon an itinerary you choose. For further information on these services, please contact the Decker Tour offices.

  15. (Q) After reviewing your tours schedule, I have decided that I really want to go on a tour but none of your dates will allow me to attend. Can you set up a tour on another date for my group and me?
    (A) We can accommodate custom tours; however the size of the group will have an impact on the final price per person on any custom tour. We also arrange guided one, two or more day rides out of Eagle River area. For pricing and options on custom tours or guided rides, please contact the Decker Tour offices.

  16. (Q) What is your can cancellation policy?
    (A) 100% of reservation monies and 50% of deposit fees will be refunded if cancellation is made 45 days before departure date (90 days before over seas tours). Full refunds will be made if weather forces tour cancellation.

  17. (Q) Is there a support vehicle?
    (A) We have a support truck and trailer to transport all luggage, any parts, oil, etc. you would like us to carry for you.

  18. (Q) What do I need to ride into Canada?
    (A) Ontario trail permit – a 7 day permit is around $135.00 and can be purchased at the motel or at the Visitor Center once in Canada. You will also need proof of insurance for your sled as well as a U.S. Passport to enter Canada. Also, check the Canadians Customs web site for information on what you can and cannot bring into Canada. If the tour travels in a state that your sled is not permitted for, you are responsible for purchase of the nec- essary state permit.







Send us a message or give us a call so that we may answer any questions you may have.


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